So, you want to build a yurt… PART 4: The door

There are probably as many door designs as there are people who have built a yurt. Everyone has their own unique variation, and no two are alike. The most important thing is that the door frame has to join the ends of the khana and complete the circle.

Some door frames are rigid, some can be disassembled for transport, and some are flexible. The one thing that they all have in common is that the uprights are angled to match the curve of the khana. Most are held at a fixed angle, while my design allows them to pivot, so they are always at the proper angle.

You will need 4 2x4s as tall as your khana walls will be. In our case, that is 6′. You will also need 2 pieces of 1×4 cut 6″ wider than the door frame will be. Our door will be 30″, so cut 2 pieces at 36″. The last item will be a 5/8″ oak dowel cut into 4 6″ pieces.

You will need to cut 2 notches down the length of the 2x4s 1 1/2 inches deep by 3/4″ wide. This will make a groove for the khana to rest in when assembled.

Glue and screw the pieces together so that they look like the picture above.

Drill a 5/8″ hole about 3″ deep in either end, put some wood glue in the hole and tap in a dowel.

Next, measure 3″ from either end of each 1×4 and drill a 5/8″ hole centered. This is what the door frame looks like when assembled. You can drill a small hole in the end of the dowel and insert a clip to keep it from coming apart.