So, you want to build a yurt… PART 3: Assembling the khana

So by this point you have cut and drilled your khana slats.

First you should stress test them. Khana slats bend a bit, and it’s better to weed out the weak ones now. You will need 2 blocks about 12″ tall. Place them about 7 feet apart. Put a khana slat between them and press down until the center touches the floor. If you hear a crack or it breaks, set it aside. You can use those for the short ones on the ends.

Now it’s time to put it together. But before you do, paint or stain them to your liking.

Now let’s lay out the slats. Take your original count and divide by 3.

86 / 3 = 28.66, so we go with 28. Add 2 extra to one pile. You will be Assembling 2 sections with 14 diamonds wide (half the number of slats), and one with 15. The important part is that you will end up with 3 sections roughly the same size. It’s not all that important that they be the same length, as long as you have a total of 43 diamonds wide.

The end slats will need to be cut to make a straight edge. The cut off ends you will use on the opposite side. It takes a little playing with to get it, but it should make sense when you get there. The ends will be cut to 2, 4, 6, 8 holes, and 3, 5, 7, 9. You need 2 of each per khana section, so 6 of each. See the photo above for a visual.